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asala means authenticity

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the most up-to-date and comprehensive archiving platform for artwork on the market today catering specifically to the middle east, north africa and south asia region

asala is an easy-to-use online platform that allows users of all levels to inventory and manage their fine art collections and collectibles.

Artists, advisors, and collectors, as well as organizations, galleries and institutions have easy access to every detail of their works on any device (phone, tablet or desktop), with the highest level of security.

Beyond management, asala allows users to quickly go one step further: publish and showcase the collection professionally through printable documents or a personalized website.

Useful everyday tools

At a click, asala turns that information into every type of document you need - letters, emails, offers, consignments, invoices, labels, shipping forms, lists, reports, fact sheets, and more. From wall labels to personalised public profile, everything you need to run your art business is easy to access, display and share.

input history and financials for every piece

search, sort, and filter to find what you need when you need it

locate work with location records

create consignment reports, generate invoices, labels, and inventory reports

guaranteed back-up every 24 hours

share your public portfolio to galleries and potential clients to show them your available artwork

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