Asala solution


asala is the most up-to-date and comprehensive archiving platform for artwork on the market today catering speci cally to the MENASA region. Created with the input of two artworld specialists, who have worked in the industry for a combined total of over 20 years as gallerists, auction house specialists, private advisors, museum curators, and programmers, asala looks to meet the every challenge of archiving collections. This platform organizes and stores collections in a scienti c way that is both easily navigable and user-friendly for novice collectors to artists to mature institutions alike. asala means authenticity. Just as it is an important epithet most often associated with art, we aim to give that very same a genuine view into your collection through managing its details for you. In addition to the evident collection of artwork details, asala o ers something beyond. The platform looks at housing information that can be translated into useful everyday tools.

are you a gallery?

Imbedded in the program are tools to facilitate your everyday business. You can easily print or directly email an illustrated fact sheet or invoice to a client, send your shippers an insurance form, create a catalogue, or send email blasts to your clients all with a click of a button. You can create your own website from within the platform, eliminating the work of having to constantly upload and transfer pictures. With the click of a button, add new series and artists to your page, limit the details the viewer can see, and avoid employees spending hours on updating the website. asala is also had an admin tool, like a virtual secretary, which allow you to automatically upload business cards into your contacts with a simple picture, or keep track of your costs when you commission a piece from an artist.

are you a collector?

For collectors, it’s always important to know the value of your pieces. Store information about appraisals, market value, or insurance costs that can give you instant values and costs on each piece. Or are you thinking about loaning a piece? Generate an instant loan agreement to the institution to which you are sending o the piece. Or want to create a book about your collection without all the fuss? Simply click on the pieces you would like to include, and generate the document, ready for printing.

are you an artist?

We know it’s important for artists to spend their time creating. asala is the perfect platform to spend as little time as possible keeping track of their inventory. With an uncomplicated bulk upload, straight from your phone to the database, you can register and inventory your pieces in no time with as little or as much detail as you see t. You can even input the details at a later stage. We know it’s important for artists to keep track of their fabrication costs and there is a place for that on this platform. asala takes it a step further too, by helping artists keep track of whether a piece has sold and for what price.

are you a museum or foundation?

Having hundreds of pieces to track and make searchable is no easy task. We understand that. asala allows for information on excel sheets to be easily transferred into the platform. Within the platform, there is space for every detail an institution may want to include: documenting restoration, storage location, exhibition and publication information, additional images, related works, etc. In addition, the institution can make any or all the pieces public and viewable. asala provides a multiple user platform which gives tiered access to its employees. It can also act as a one-stop-shop for all the needs of the institution – storing contacts; providing a personalized email and message boards; generating acquisition forms, loan agreements, and shipping forms; hosting a public website; or publishing brochures – in addition to storing information about the collection.